Papis Pecan Pie Pancakes

Air Date: 
Fri, 02/16/2018
NC Ingredients: 
Pecans, Milk, Eggs




2 c
3 T
white sugar
2 T
baking powder
1 1⁄2 c
pecans, chopped
1 3⁄4 c
2 T
1⁄4 c
butter, melted
1⁄2 c
brown sugar (to be sprinkled on pancakes)


Mix the flour, white sugar, baking powder and pecans until well combines. Add the milk and eggs and mix until the mixture is combined, you will still have lumps. Then add cinnamon and melted butter.


Preheat pan to 350 degrees and butter pan lightly or spray with cooking spray. Pour a healthy ½ cup of batter in pan, distributing the pecans. Once bubbles start to form and before flipping the pancake, sprinkle about a tablespoon of brown sugar on pancake. Try to avoid edges, because it will burn. Cook pancake on the other side for 3-4 minutes. *For a crunchier cake, you can add more pecans with the brown sugar as well.



Lisa’s Notes: Samantha Leaonard from Archdale won the NC Pecan Growers Competition at the 2017 NC State Fair with this delicious breakfast dish! A fun way to serve these is to stack the pancakes up, cut out a wedge and drizzle with syrup.