Got to Be NC Burger

Got to Be NC BurgerIn case you missed it, May was National Burger Month. One enthusiastic food blogger named Kita Roberts who runs Girl Carnivore invited 50 bloggers from across the country to come up with their own unique burger to celebrate the occasion.

Jenni Fields, who runs the amazing Pastry Chef Online blog, dedicated her burger to the best of North Carolina. With the help of marketing specialist Jack Nales, Jenni created a Got to Be NC Burger, featuring 10 products straight from North Carolina.

The Burger Month craze was recently picked up by Buzz Feed who ran an article covering all of the burgers in the promotion.

Following is a breakdown of all the ingredients featured in Jenni's Got to Be NC Burger. For a complete recipe, visit her blog.

Wed, 06/01/2016 - 16:30