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For the Best on the Menu... It's Got to Be NC.

The North Carolina Department of Agriculture’s message is to challenge all restaurants, retailers and consumers to support NC products… on the menu, on store shelves or while shopping and dining. Savor NC on the menu is the official restaurant brand and part of the well-established Got to be NC marketing program, both administered by the NC Department of Agriculture. This official program for the foodservice sector has a mission to identify restaurants, their chefs and their distribution partners who are supportive in sourcing, purchasing, preparing, and promoting North Carolina products and ingredients.

Savor NC identifies menus with North Carolina connections and serves to symbolize the importance of buying North Carolina products. The goal is to heighten the awareness of local NC product and ingredient options available to restaurants and the dining public. Our food service partners agree to these basic principles:

·       To support the overall mission and agree to allow NCDA to identify that support and participation so as to build the member base of the program.

·       To constantly evaluate and be open to purchasing options offered through their distribution and foodservice management partners that are tied to products with origins in North Carolina

·       To be willing to feature local North Carolina products and ingredients on menus and change as seasonal products come to market. The level of the commitment, frequency and use of local NC product on the menu is left to the discretion of the chef and restaurant management.


How do these programs benefit food service operations?

·        Approval to use our recognizable brand(s) as part of your own marketing strategy

·        Assistance in developing a market strategy to achieve results which should ultimately benefit North Carolina agriculture

·        To use the brand and message to engage your customer base to build loyalty and enhance the frequency of their visits to your business.

·        Resource for locating quality North Carolina products direct from the grower/ processor

·        Review of current menu to identify North Carolina connections and develop a plan to enhance and promote 

·        General facility signage promoting our partnership

·        On-site “Farm to chef” connections- create the connection between farm, chef and table as diners order their meals

·        We work direct with all food service distributors and encourage and reward them for increased NC product purchases from existing suppliers as well as adding new NC products

·        Assistance in building menu commodity promotions during peak harvest times

Part of the "Got to be NC" marketing initiative administered by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services 

E-Mail: Tim Parrish - Foodservice Marketing Specialist