The North Carolina Department of Agriculture Food Service Marketing 

The North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services works with restaurants and foodservice distributors to expand local North Carolina product on restaurant menus. We encourage purchasing decisions that are tied to products with origins in North Carolina and we work closely with chefs to create menus that highlight local North Carolina products and ingredients. Click here for a printable summary of our foodservice programs. Our brands and marketing programs are designed to provide support to North Carolina growers and processors by establishing connections within the foodservice arena and assist in creating menus with North Carolina connections. Click here to see a listing of restaurant partners. For some "Best Practices" for working directly with chefs CLICK HERE. Think you have a product that's ready for the food service marketplace? Helpful hints and suggestions here.

E-Mail: Tim Parrish- Foodservice Marketing Specialist

Nutrition- A key component in food service marketing 

For general nutrition information, healthier alternatives, product formulations, menu development, nutrition consultations,  processing consultations along with formulation alternatives through ingredient selection and colorants, contact our staff Nutrition Marketing Specialist Freda Butner, RDN LDN   

E-Mail: Freda Butner- Nutrition Marketing Specialist

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