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The North Carolina Department of Agriculture's Marketing Division works to boost sales and expand markets for products that are grown, raised, caught or made here in North Carolina... covering all aspects of our states food industry. Since 1985, our message has been to challenge all restaurants, retailers and consumers to support NC products... on the menu, on store shelves or while shopping and dining. It's a message that resonates well... connecting our brands to our state's total food industry! "Savor NC on the menu", the official foodservice program identifies restaurants, their chefs and their distribution partners who are supportive in sourcing, purchasing, preparing, and promoting North Carolina products and ingredients. Our restaurant partners are simply asked to consistently seek and feature local North Carolina products and ingredients on their menus and change as seasonal products come to market.

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Grocery Stores

Our goal is to create and manage a unique list of grocery retailers who support our marketing efforts to promote our North Carolina farmers and processed food companies.  Listed are locations of NC grocery retailers who have a designated NC section containing products produced right here in our state.  Check back as we continue to add to the list of participating grocery retailers and encourage your local grocer to support our local farmers and processed food companies.  Look for the "Got to Be NC" logo as you shop your local retailer, and enjoy the best that North Carolina has to offer!

Serving Members to Serve You

The mission of the Got to Be NC marketing initiative continues to be one of serving our membership of almost 3,000 farmers, processed food and non-food companies, restaurants, wholesale distributers, and grocers. We are working hard to bring consumers a focused and driven message about North Carolina products. When shopping at your favorite grocery store, farmers market, or dining out, request products grown and produced in NC. It not only brings attention to our local companies but it strengthens the economy of North Carolina. And remember when you want the best, it "Got to Be NC"!