State Farmers Markets

The N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services operates four regional farmers markets, strategically located across the state to serve the citizens of North Carolina. These regional markets were built by the state and dedicated to N.C. farmers and growers and the produce industry. The goal of the farmers markets is to furnish facilities where our farmers can provide fresh, locally grown produce to N.C. consumers with reduced handling costs. At these regional markets, consumers are able to talk with farmers who grew and harvested the fresh produce from nearby farms.

Most of our regional markets have a farmers area, wholesale industry areas and retail buildings. Some of the markets also have restaurants and garden centers.

The freshness, quality and variety of horticultural crops grown by N.C. farmers cannot be beat. Our farmers produce 21 major vegetable and fruit crops throughout the state. In addition, products from N.C. nurseries, greenhouses, Christmas tree farms, and turf grass and sod growers are available throughout the year or in season. Also, you can find a variety of North Carolina-produced meats, cheeses, wines and specialty foods available year round.

If you live near one of our regional farmers markets, or as you travel the Old North State, we invite you to visit one of the markets and let your senses absorb the freshness and variety of our state’s diverse agricultural production.

And remember: “When you want the best, it’s Got to Be NC Agriculture.”