Agritourism Networking Association

Mission Statement of the NC Agritourism Networking Association (ANA)

Mission Statement of the NC Agritourism Networking Association (NC ANA)

"The ANA will serve as a statewide proactive advocate for agritourism farmers and as a liaison between and among state-level organizations, field organizations, nonprofits and rural landowners to support and facilitate agritourism.”

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NC ANA Goals

ANA will enable agritourism farmers to share best practices, network with peers, discuss and find answers to challenges, celebrate successes, and advocate for needed resources.  The organization will work to find solutions to achieve the following goals listed in priority order by the initial task force: Easily accessible and affordable liability insurance; consistent zoning and planning regulations; marketing support and resources; highway and site signage; safety; funds for costs of startup; and partnering with other rural arts activities.

The following steps are designed to meet these goals.

  1. 1. Provide education and training for potential and current agritourism farmers. Hold a statewide conference in the early part of each year and workshops for the ANA districts to educate and inform ANA members and others interested in promoting agritourism, and recruit new ANA members.

  2. 2. Educate and promote agritourism to the public, tourism professionals, the media and potential farmers, through resource materials, workshops, press releases, media interviews and public speaking. Statewide Agritourism Directory with over 250 entries distributed in 2006 and 2007; 100,000 agritourism maps with over 200 entries distributed to state Welcome Centers and other tourist destinations in 2009; updated Agritourism brochure distributed to Welcome Centers and other tourism agencies and individuals – new edition 2010; update “So You Want to Start an Agritourism Farm?" package for new agritourism farms available at

  3. 3. Create a portal of information resources available at and encourage member listings on

  4. 4. Advocate for insurance availability at reasonable cost; educate insurance industry, elected officials and policy-makers on definition of "farm," "agritourism farm." “Limit Liability for Agritourism Farms” law is found at

  5. 5. Network and share information and resources between and among agritourism farmers via emails and US mail sent to members and others by Agritourism Office; list serve available to ANA members only - The ANA newsletter is available at and assists members with sharing information.

  6. 6. Conduct research that will provide information on the demographics of agritourism farming to help farmers determine economic feasibility of developing and operating agritourism farms. 

  7. 7. Research on determining the saturation and competition for sustainable markets.

  8. 8. Find grants and other funding sources for agritourism farming. Find funding to update professional NC DA&CS 2005 agritourism survey.

  9. 9. Advocate for policy development on local and statewide level to help with challenges to agritourism farms.

  10. 10. Advocate for consistent local zoning policies to help sustain the family farm through agritourism.

  11. 11. Advocate for agritourism financial support before local, state and federal officials as appropriate. NC HB 143 – Exempt Agritourism Activities from the Privilege Tax on Amusements – became law July 2006.

  12. 12. Keep current data base of ANA members.

Rev. February 2011